DMI’s 2017 Trend Predictions

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We at DMI are keeping our eye on industry trends that we expect to see in 2017. From evolving measurement standards to the end of mass marketing, the “war” against fraud and big data getting bigger, the world of digital marketing is currently undergoing yet another evolution.

Evolving Measurement Standards
While mobile video is the fastest-growing video segment, measurement in video overall is a well-known and widespread challenge. “Within digital video, lack of standardization in measurement causes market inefficiency and confusion,” according to research by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The market is starting to evolve and adapt in various behaviors. One example is the cost per-hour pricing model, or as we 3 character addicts prefer, CPH. The new model has recently been adopted by many of the industry leaders. Using a time-based model in video should provide advertisers and publishers with a fairly based common ground to work around while more advanced measurement standards find their way to the digital landscape.

Another evidence that this trend will follow us from 2016 to the New Year and is one that I’m sure you are all very familiar with is called “Viewability”. Impressions have long been the main currency of digital advertising, but over half of the ads served nowadays are unviewed (at least by humans), according to ComScore. Viewability can be affected by anything from a site’s layout, latency, all the way to the design or format of the ad itself. Today, the shift towards viewability-based trading means CPM transforms to vCPM, and delivers more precise measures of an ad’s effectiveness.We predict that in 2017, we’ll see demand for more accurate measurements than impressions in several segments.
The Layered Approach and the End of Mass Marketing
Mass marketing just doesn’t work anymore, and we are convinced that in the upcoming year we will see more unique advertisements to match their respected mediums. By simply examining our own digital consumption habits we realize that there’s a very slim chance for an ad that is being displayed as a pre-roll before streamed content to be as effective while floating around on Instagram for example. Similarly, messages that resonate with one demographic may fall flat with another. Storytelling is an art that will have to be refined with more personally targeted stories for different audiences on different mediums. Brands should take this approach into consideration when planning their digital advertising budgets for 2017.

The “War” on Fraud
We all strive for a bullet proof fraud-free marketplace. However, as we have all witnessed with the recent example of the “Methbot”, the industry is still far from the utopia we all dream of. Brands are losing patience, and everybody is losing money when over $7b could be the victim of fraudulent activity this year, according to the Association of National Advertisers. If the industry doesn’t
coordinate to attack this issue head on in 2017, we will likely find ourselves mentioning this trend again in 2018.
Big Data Getting Bigger
The programmatic game is all about data, and just like in any other good poker table, everyone acts the part as if they have the best hand. The only difference is that in our reality it’s getting harder and harder to get ahead just by putting on a strong “Poker Face”. At the end of the day the one holding the upper data “hand” will eventually claim the pot. Data translates into insight, and the better the insight the more effective your campaigns will be. Technologies to gather and crunch that data are evolving fast, from machine learning algorithms to artificial intelligence, this is the field where all battles will eventually be won or lost.

Stay ahead of the curve in 2017 with DMI’s ability to deliver precise measurements, multi-layered strategies, and the cutting edge of fraud-prevention tactics.

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